Effortless Installation: Get Started with GPO Home App for Ultimate Home Heating Control

Download the app to your smartphone from either Google Play for Android phones or the App Store for iPhones. With easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll swiftly install the app and complete the GPO Home setup. Discover the app’s intuitive interface and take advantage of its features to efficiently manage and control the heating in your home. Enjoy a comfortable and personalized heating experience with the convenience of the GPO Home app at your fingertips.

Authentication Methods

1. After downloading and installing the application, you have two login options:
- Register your account in the GPO Home system.
- Log in without registration, but in this case, you need to complete the registration within 30 days.
2. Let's log in using your email address.
3. Fill in the required fields, accept the user agreement, and wait for an email with a confirmation code.
4. Copy the confirmation code and paste it into the input field.

Adding heater to your account

1. Adding a device is initiated by pressing the "plus" button in the lower left corner. You can either add a panel to your home or directly into a group for panel group management.
2. Let's add a panel:
- Here, you can emit a sound signal to search for your device.
- Click on the device's serial number to begin the panel addition process.
- Enter the six-digit code from the panel's screen.
- Select the necessary Wi-Fi network and enter your password.
- Press "next" and wait for the board to connect to your Wi-Fi.
3. Familiarize yourself with the security settings and complete the board's registration process on the server. You will receive a message about successful registration; now you can control your panel.

Heating control

1. Select the panel from the device list.
2. On the panel's screen, view room temperature, panel temperature, and maximum surface temperature.
3. Check current temperature settings and adjust if needed.
4. Choose between automatic and manual modes.
5. In manual mode, adjust temperature using the slider.

Changing timezone

Timezone configuration is important to keep the correct work of automatic weekly schedulers. Your mobile phone's current timezone is taken as default. Sometimes there is a need to change it. Let's see how to change the timezone for your home. Press the gear icon in the top right corner of the home screen. Select the appropriate menu item and set the timezone you need.

Create and Adjust Weekly schedule

1. This functionality is exclusively available to registered users.
2. To delete or edit existing modes, swipe left on the mode you want to modify.
3. To create a new mode:
- Press the plus icon located at the top right of the modal window.
- Enter the name of the mode and proceed to customize it.
4. Customize the mode by:
- Selecting the days of the week.
- Choosing time intervals with specified temperatures.
- Adding additional time intervals if necessary.
5. Add a schedule for Saturday and Sunday as needed. You can select days from another schedule by clicking on it.
6. After completing the setup, press the save button.
7. Your new mode will appear in the list of available modes. Select it to review the details.

Creating buildings and rooms

Building - application entity that contains rooms and heaters.
Room - a logical group of heaters that follow the same script, maintaining the same temperature.

To create a home or a group:
1. Click the plus button in the lower right corner of the screen.
2. To create a new home:
- Enter the name and address.
- Click the "Save" button. Your new home is created!
3. To take a closer look at the main home screen:
- You'll see the name of the house and the maximum surface temperature for the panels.
4. To access the list of houses:
- Click on the gear icon and go to the home settings.
- The delete function is available here.
5. To create a group to control multiple panels:
- Enter its name.
- Click the "Save" button.
- The group will now appear in your house.
6. To access the group settings and delete it:
- Go to the group settings from the main screen.
- Delete it as needed.

Change max panel surface temperature

To change the maximum temperature of the panel surface, press the gear icon in the top right corner of the home screen. Then, click on the corresponding menu item and set the desired temperature. Now, the surface temperature of the panels in the house has been changed.

Password recovery

To reset the password, click on the "Forgot password?" button, enter your email address, wait for the confirmation code, and insert it. After that, set a new password and save it.

Mode Timer

Registered users can set a timer for a group or panel by pressing the timer button on the control screen.
1. On the control screen, press the timer button.
2. Select the duration for the timer, such as one minute.
3. Choose the required action from the provided list, for example, turning off the panel.
4. Press the start button to activate the timer.
5. The panel will turn off automatically after one minute.


A user can view the statistics by clicking on the relevant tab. The statistics are available for the entire house, as well as for a group or an individual panel.