How does an infrared heater work?

An infrared heater is like the sun - rays (infrared waves) heat the space around it, and they heat not the air, but objects (walls, floors, people), which then release heat into the air.

What is the difference between an infrared heater and all others?

The main difference is that other types of heaters heat air that goes up and circulates around the room, returning to the heater, but cooler air always flows through the lower part of the room. An infrared heater evenly distributes heat around itself in such a way that the heat comes from both below and above. For example, in order for a convector to remain warm, you should not cover it with things or block the path of air flow, and in the case of an infrared heater, it is correct to place more objects next to it so that it heats them, for example, drying wet shoes, the wall behind it and, of course, a person will feel warmer near a heater.

How cost effective is an infrared heater?

The efficiency of an infrared heater is 100%. This means that you get 100% of the energy (electricity converted into heat) that you pay for. Infrared rays warm up objects that can share their heat for a very long time. Also, other heaters heat only upwards, but infrared ones have a larger heating area (front and back), which allows you to warm up the space around faster and not waste more energy and your money!

How quickly will an infrared heater warm up a room?

How quickly your room will become warm depends on many factors - area, wall thickness, energy efficiency of the building, etc., but the point here is different - warm yourself and not the air around you! You will warm up most quickly if you place the heater where you usually sit. IR rays will warm you immediately after switching on, without wasting time and money on heating the entire space, but only the place where it should be warm.

Infrared heaters - are they safe?

Let's start with the fact that there are heaters with an open heating element and with a closed one. Of course, when the element is hidden from people, it is safe. Many heaters are installed on the ceiling or walls so that children and animals cannot reach them, but there is a solution: for example, GPO heaters have the ability to regulate the temperature of the surface, which makes it safe to touch. There is also another huge plus: heaters with a closed heating element do not dry out the air, do not emit unpleasant odors and do not burn dust in the room. They are safe for both external and internal human organs!

Is it expensive to repair such a heater?

No, repairs will not be needed soon if the heater is used for its intended purpose. It is also important to keep it clean. In the event of a breakdown, unlike, for example, gas or water equipment, repairing an electric heater is not difficult! You can either call a technician at home or take the heater to the workshop yourself.

Which power, size and quantity should I choose?

Thinking through such a solution is not an easy task! Many factors need to be taken into account: the presence of other heat sources in the room, thermal insulation, area and height of the room, size and thickness of windows, presence of neighbours (who also heat), etc. We are ready to quickly give you an answer to this survey for free - write to us at shop@gpo-tech.com and we will send you ready-made options to choose from!

Do infrared panels emit light?

No, since our heaters have a closed heating element, the light can only come from the panel screen - when you set up the panel. For example, there are spiral infrared heaters - they are designed for the outdoors and they radiate light, but we only deal with heating offices, workshops, offices, flats and houses.

How to save on heating? How to reduce your heating bill?

We have some tips:
•Buy an electric heater! This saves not only money, but also your time and nerves! Electric heaters are easy to install and maintain, won't leak water or gas, and often come in a variety of colors and shapes to suit your tastes, as well as more functionality to not only monitor but also manage your energy consumption.
•Don't heat when you don't have to! If you are not at home, turn off the heater or set it to minimum settings. Remote control will help you turn off the heating if you accidentally forgot to do it, or vice versa, turn it on on the way home.
•Smart thermostat! A very useful thing that turns off the heat supply if the room has warmed up to the desired temperature. By turning on the heater, for example at 20℃, it will not constantly “eat up” 0.20 €/hour, but will warm the room to 20℃ and turn off or will gradually maintain the temperature for 0.02 €/hour.

How are GPO panels different from others?

Several qualities make our panels unique:
• Smart heaters. By purchasing GPO heaters, you get not just a piece of metal or glass, but a smart device that is adjusted to your preferences: language, comfortable temperature, the room in which it is located, and it does this due to the “brains” inside it: A smart thermostat is installed that saves your money and doesn't produce maximum heat when your room is already warmed up. There is also a free application that we developed for you from scratch. GPO Home is an app for tracking and managing all the heaters in your home or business, with features that can be adjusted to suit your specific needs, and this free app is constantly being improved, updated, and has more and more features to help you save money on consumption. energy, or make it easier to use and save you time wasted adjusting the heat.
• Simple and clear. Despite the “smartness” of the heaters, they are very easy to install and use. We and our products speak a language you understand. We also provide free instructions and consultations to answer any of your questions, and every day we work to make using the panel and the application interface simple and intuitive. Download the app and see for yourself!
• Made in Estonia. We are close to you, you can always contact us with any questions: we advise on selection and installation, help you understand, for example, the application, and also solve problems that arise and take into account the wishes of users. Is a brand from China or Poland capable of this? We are not sure about this, but we know one thing for sure - everyone’s problems and desires are important to us!