NEXPO Tallinn 2023

NEXPO Tallinn 2023

From the 13th until the 17th of November, we participated in an exhibition located in Tallinn, Estonia. At the exhibition, we presented our brand-new smart heaters, thermostats, and mobile applications. Visitors showed their curiosity about glass heaters; many of them took pictures and even selfies, using the black panel as a mirror. The most specific questions came from architects and people who do renovations in old buildings. With them, we discussed:

  • Whether those heaters can be installed on the wall,
  • What a smart thermostat is and why we use it,
  • How much cheaper it will be compared to the same electric heaters without a smart thermostat,
  • How strong the glass is,
  • The infrastructure provides a way for remote monitoring and control.

One visitor hit the glass heaters to test if they were strong enough – nothing happened; there were not even scratches on the surface.

A cool discovery at the exhibition: together with one of the visitors, we found out that the glass heater reflects some colors from the environment where it is installed. Due to this reflection, it perfectly matches all kinds of interiors, similar to a chameleon.

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