New feature - timer!😍

New feature - timer!😍

Many of you asked, many waited, and finally we are ready to share with you a new function for our heaters, a delayed action function - a timer.⏱️

The meaning of this function is very simple - turn on the mode you need, not now but for example in a few hours. If you hung a towel to dry and after 2 hours you want to turn the temperature down, or if you know that a person will leave the room in 2 hours and then don’t want to manually turn off the panel, or if you come home in a month and want to turn on the heating after 30 days - all this is now possible thanks to this update!🤗

To try the timer, simply update the application and try it yourself! Along with the timer on iOS, a new application design will be available, but we will soon update it on Android and then we will write a separate post for this. 🔜

We are very happy to receive feedback on our new feature, so write or call us and we will be happy to listen to what you like and what you don’t!
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